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A Most Noble Dog - Bosun

At some of our shows, we have a 'Most Noble Dog' class, which is always in memory of our pointer Bosun who went to Rainbow Bridge in February 2010, aged sixteen and a quarter years old.  We're often asked for a bit of background to the 'Most Noble Dog' class, and so I thought I'd put a few words together.

Bosun made his Fun and Companion Dog show debut at the grand old age of fourteen and a half, and had a very successful 'showing' career for just over a year.  There was always just something about him that said 'Noble'; he was a big dog, but the most gentle soul you could imagine.  He always had a calm strength about him, and possessed the most wonderfully expressive head.  He basically charmed everybody who came into contact with him - a favourite memory is of Bosun being crowned the joint winner of the 'Treat Resistor Class', at a fun dog show in Osgathorpe, Leicestershire in 2008. He wasn't tempted by biscuits, cheese or even sausages - preferring to wait for his own special treats to be available!  He really was a very special boy, and we miss him very much.

Here are a few pictures of Bosun - he was very successful during his short time on the Fun and Companion Dog Show 'circuit', winning several special rosettes including a Best in Show.  Recently, I decided to make a 'Memory Box' to capture Bosun's best moments in the ring - you can see this in the second picture.  In the other two pictures, Bosun would have been about fifteen years old.


In the Most Noble Dog class then, the judge will generally be looking for a dog that reminds him or her of the qualities we all saw in Bosun - a gentle, quiet strength, combined with a calm, empathetic countenance.

Here are pictures of some past winners of 'The Most Noble Dog'.



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